Breathe new life into your old equipment!
One of the most significant differences between new metrology instrumentation and slightly older (but still functional) equipment is in the data acquisition and processing. Today’s newer equipment can take advantage of significant advances in computing power, thereby allowing increased numbers of data points and more advanced computations (for example, new filtering approaches).

The bright side of if this is that many of these older instruments provide a means of sending the data out some type of port whereby it can be collected by…you guessed it – a new, more powerful computer! This, in turn, can open the door to utilizing today’s computations and analysis approaches.

Digital Metrology has a great deal of experience in developing these instrument interfaces and the necessary software to bring your old instruments up to date.


EMIRoundBigEMI Round
Digital Metrology has collaborated with EMI Gage to develop a low cost PC upgrade for many analog roundness instruments. This upgrade is based on off-the-shelf data acquisition hardware and provides the latest analytical capabilities including Gaussian Filtering (and band-pass filtering) along with all standard reference circles. No more sliding around of the template on hard-to-read thermal plots!

The graphics and controls are represented in a simple format whereby all common interface items are readily available.  Calibration is based upon the measurement of a known artifact (for example a “flick” master).

Working Outside the Box…
EMI Round provides five, common numerical results, but other analyses can easily be accommodated. For example, Harmonic (Fourier) analysis or Sector Roundness calculations could be incorporated based on the specific needs of the application. Furthermore, data export or SPC capabilities can be incorporated based on your company’s specifications. In this context, the EMI Round system serves as a “platform for customization”. Talk to Digital Metrology about having a system custom tailored to your hardware and analytical needs.


EMISurfBigEMI Surf
Digital Metrology has also collaborated with EMI Gage to develop a low cost PC upgrade for Surtronic* 3 and Surtronic* 3P roughness instruments. These instruments have been very popular in many metrology laboratories and manufacturing facilities and most continue to function as well today as they did when they were purchased many years ago.

Unfortunately, today’s roughness standards are different than those which were in place when these instruments were developed. That’s where the term “upgrade” applies. EMI Surf software incorporates the latest sampling and filtering approaches given in ASME (ASME/B46.1-1995) and ISO standards (ISO/3274-1995). Thus, the resulting roughness parameters will correlate more closely with today’s newer equipment.

One of the goals in the development of the EMI Surf system was to provide a low cost system utilizing “off-the-shelf” components. Using this approach, there are three basic elements:

:: Pentium-class computer running Windows 9x / NT 4.0 / XP /
Vista or later (provided by customer or through EMI Gage).

:: Data Translation DT 300 series or DT 9800 series data
acquisition board. (Prices range from $500 to $1200 depending
on type and resolution.) This can be provided by the customer
or through EMI Gage.

:: EMI Surf software and cable kit.

EMI Surf is just the beginning…
In order to deliver a simple-to-use, cost effective system, the EMI Surf software incorporates Roughness, Waviness and Profile analysis through some of the most commonly used parameters. However, this is not a strict limitation. Additional parameters and analysis approaches can be incorporated (for example R&W parameters or the new ISO 13565 parameters). Some other examples, include advanced bearing ratio analysis, peak counting, slope analysis, edge burr assessment, as well as many others. Talk to Digital Metrology about your special needs and we will work to provide the necessary analytical tools.

* Surtronic ® is a registered trademark of Taylor Hobson, Ltd.