What’s in a Name?

Digital measurement data provides the starting point for making nearly every product or manufacturing based decision. This measurement data, in the form of numbers or graphs, is used to determine specifications and control manufacturing processes. The presentation of some numerical value or “data point” from a measurement is not the end of the process. This numerical value is only the “means to an end”. This numerical value must be subsequently interpreted (for example, compared to a tolerance) in order to drive a decision making process. The interpretation of measurement results can be thought of as converting raw “data” into useable “information”. Digital Metrology has a solid reputation of developing custom measurement systems that exploit the “information” rather than simply report “data”. This is accomplished through first gaining an understanding of the needs of the measurement customer. With this, Digital Metrology can develop systems that relay the desired “information” in the clearest, most reliable manner.

Metrology is the science of measurement and sound metrology principles are at the heart of everything that Digital Metrology provides. One key element to this is the understanding of measurement uncertainty. In this regard, Digital Metrology has been involved in the study and determination of measurement uncertainties for a variety of dimensional and surface metrology applications. Another key element is maintaining an understanding of National and International metrology standards. Digital Metrology participates actively in both the ASME (National) and ISO (International) standards committees for metrology including ASME B46, ASME B89 and ISO TC 213. A final element is maintaining a connection to ongoing metrology research and development. Digital Metrology regularly collaborates and interacts with leading instrument manufacturers, universities and national laboratories thus maintaining a great deal of visibility regarding the latest tools, techniques and technologies.


About the Digital Metrology Logo


Many people have asked about the significance of the logo. Furthermore, people have wondered “Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing in there?” or “what is the significance of the 0’s and 1’s?”  Here is the story behind our logo.

The Symbol of Understanding Beyond Measure
How do you communicate the idea that you bring solutions to light that were previously unknown, or not seen? By creating a brand identity that contains elements that are not immediately obvious themselves, but come to life as they are further explored. The shapes to the left of our name comprise the “symbol” element of of logo. The sharp and precise angles that move into the shapes represent the exacting precision that our customers demand – and that we infuse into every solution we provide.

But wait…there’s more! Within the interplay of positive and negative space there is a capital D and a capital M that are formed, which represent our name. As a matter of fact, if you look long enough, you can even see two capital M’s – one solid in shape and color, and one suggested by the negative space around it. The solid M encapsulates binary numbers in a manner that suggests an interface – a means through which to view the solution to your specific measurement need.

All together our symbol represents our commitment of bringing precision and clarity to specific measurement needs; delivering solutions that reveal what was previously unknown and not visible with a casual glance; and that demonstrates understanding beyond measure.

Measurement Implications
Digital Metrology is based on providing measurement solutions which, in effect, utilize the measurement process to provide a window into a custom solution to a measurement need. Often this involves the packaging of measurement technologies and the development of custom analysis tools. Just as the 0’s and 1’s are excapsulated within, and viewable through, the lower shape in our symbol – the expertise of Digital Metrology excapsulates all of these aspects of the measurement process and provides a custom window into your specific metrology need.

Data Analysis Implications
Whether you are measuring a three dimensional “map” of surface texture or scanning a feature on a CMM, today’s measurements generating more and more data points. These large data sets are almost impossible to interpret without additional processing – just as the 0’s and 1’s in the logo are very difficult to understand without some additional processing. Digital Metrology Solutions can provide custom analysis capabilities which summarize these data points in a manner which relates directly to the customer’s needs. The subtle glow radiating from the bottom of our symbol is indicative of how Digital Metrology illuminates these solutions for our customers.

The Hidden Meaning of the 0’s and 1’s
The binary number within our symbol are constructed from the ASCII values of the letters D, M, S as in Digital Metrology Solutions. D = 01000100, M = 01001101 and S = 01010011. These binary numbers for DMS repeat throughout the logo.

There you have it!
The Digital Metrology logo makes perfect sense.
Now, to start making sense of your measurements, contact Digital Metrology today!