Measurement Tutorials from Digital Metrology provide metrology training in surface roughness measurement, 3D surface texture measurement and other aspects of shop metrology

Digital Metrology provides measurement training as well as consulting services and measurement software. The metrology tutorials below are all intended to help you learn aspects of measurement such as 2D roughness and waviness, 3D surface texture, roundness, etc.

All of the documents can be read online or downloaded as “PDF” files. You can obtain a free copy of Adobe’s PDF Reader here.

Areal Surface Texture Analysis Areal Surface Texture Analysis for Both the Lab and the Engineer's Desk

This tutorial discusses a step-by-step and visual approach to surface texture analysis. The process, which is the basis of the OmniSurf3D software, allows designers, managers, process engineers and lab staff to explore, understand and communicate surface texture. By providing a common language for surface texture analysis, OmniSurf3D helps everyone involved to improve component performance.

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What Do You Mean By “Roundness?” What frequencies do we include in a roundness measurement?

This tutorial discusses aspects of specifying and measuring roundness - including the concepts of filtering for roundness and the choice of reference circles.

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3 Steps to Understanding Surface Texture I have a surface finish specification. Where do I begin?

Common questions in surface measurement and analysis are: “I have a surface finish specification.  Where do even I begin?” or “I’m new to the field of surface measurement.  What do I need to know?”  This tutorial is will help you get started.

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