The following videos include overviews, how-tos, and in-depth explorations of surface texture analysis and Digital Metrology’s measurement software solutions. You can also view our video content on our DigitalMetrology YouTube channel.


Getting Started with OmniSurf
Some quick tips for gettings started with using Digital Metrology’s OmniSurf surface texture software.

Batch Processing with OmniSurf
OmniSurf provides some very powerful tools for handling lots of data files. Check out how “Batch Processing” can save you a ton of time.

Measuring Depths with OmniSurf
OmniSurf’s cursors can provide some quick and easy measurements of profile features.



An introduction to OmniSurf3D
Analyzing 3D (areal) surface texture with OmniSurf3D.

Plateau Honing Analysis with OmniSurf3D
Quickly and easily explore your honed surfaces with OmniSurf3D.

Profile Wear Analysis with OmniSurf3D
Easily assess wear scars with OmniSurf3D.

Filtering and Wavelength Content with OmniSurf3D
Visualize the influence of filtering with OmniSurf3D.

Porosity Analysis with OmniSurf3D
Quickly, easily and visually assess pits and pores with OmniSurf3D.



Data Selection and Removal with OmniRound
A quick introduction to OmniRound’s tools for removing unwanted data points.



An Introduction to HatchView
HatchView turns any USB microscope into a crosshatch analyzer for your honing applications.