Crosshatch Angle Measurement


Introducing HatchView

HatchView provides a simple, affordable and yet highly accurate means of measuring crosshatch angle and exploring the consistency and cleanliness of your honing process. No need for expensive equipment. No need for tedious fax film work. 

Crosshatch Angle Measurement
The crosshatched pattern on a surface generated by honing:


This pattern is the result of the rotation of the honing stones while stroking in and out of the bore. The “down” stroke imparts one pattern and the “up” stroke imparts the other pattern. The angular relationship between these strokes makes up the “crosshatch” angle an it is the result of the stroking speed coupled with the rotation speed. This above picture is from a plateau honed surface. However the same pattern is present in conventional honing as well as plateau honing.



Why bother with crosshatch angle measurement?
That’s a great question (not just because I wrote the question myself). The crosshatch angle is important for things like engine performance – particularly as it relates to blow-by and oil consumption. Thus, a reliable way of measuring crosshatch angle is essential to producing surfaces that will perform the way that they are supposed to.

So what do I need?
First off, you need a USB microscope. Try a Google search for “USB Microscope” and you’ll see several. To avoid spending all of that time wading through the thousands of links here are a couple that you might like. (Note: this is by no means an endorsement. They are just a few that I’ve found to be affordable and useable.) If you have any suggestions for additional microscope options, please forward them to me via Email.

Typical USB microscope prices range from anywhere around $25 (yes, that’s right $25) up to a few hundred dollars:

:: ViTiny UM02 – Amazon (that’s the one used in our video)

:: ViTiny USB Microscopes – Oasis Scientific

:: Cole Parmer Right Angle Microscope – Amazon

:: Handheld Digital Microscope 44302 – Celestron

:: A wide range of microscopes on eBay

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), An available USB 2.0 port is required for live “video” viewing.


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