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zonal flatness measurement - Digital Metrology Solutions

Zonal Flatness in OmniSurf3D

Controlling flatness is critical for many surfaces. Functions such as sealing and load distribution are directly related to surface flatness. While controlling overall flatness is important, it may only be part of the answer. A gasket sealing with a head deck, for example, may tolerate a large amount of overall flatness variation…yet it may still

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Removing Form from a spherical surface with nodules - Digital Metrologyigtal_metrology

What’s Really “Beyond Ra”?

Years ago just about every discussion about surface roughness began with Average Roughness, Ra, one of the oldest and most widely known texture parameters. More and more, however, when I start working with people, they begin by telling me that they know Ra is not all it’s cracked up to be. Many articles have been

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Surface texture analysis - golf club golf ball interface

Customer Spotlight: PING golf equipment

Any golfer knows the satisfaction of watching a well-hit drive soaring for hundreds of yards, right down the center of the fairway. In golf, the 500 micro-seconds of contact between the club face and ball are the difference between a successful shot—and a walk in the weeds. It’s no wonder that golf equipment manufacturers are

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“The Surface Texture Answer Book” Is Now Available

The Surface Texture Answer Book, by Carl Musolff and Mark Malburg, is a Q&A format resource covering more than 100 topics on surface texture measurement, analysis and specification. Many of us depend on surface texture every day. But it’s hard to find a resource that answers questions simply, in a non-academic way. This book is

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Analyze Aspheres fast with OmniSurf3D Analysis Software - Digital Metrology

Just how fast can you analyze an asphere in OmniSurf3D?

Can you configure and analyze an aspheric surface in under a minute? With Digital Metrology’s OmniSurf3D analysis software, it’s easy. Watch this short video to see just how fast it can be! OmniSurf3D includes a set of tools for comprehensive asphere analysis. The process is not only easy, it’s very fast. Configuration can take less

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Digital Metrology - Quality Magazine article -Y14.5-2018 Section 4.1 (s) rule causes conflict in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD and T)

GD&T’s New Rule and What it Means for Measurement

In a new article in Quality Magazine AJ Mennuti and Mark Malburg discuss the challenges associated with  the release of ASME Y14.5-2018 and its new fundamental rule “s.” Rule “s” specifies that the evaluation of GD&T features includes every aspect of a surface’s texture and flaws. When measuring straightness, say, one must include the roughness,

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Surface Metrology with a Smart Phone?

The iPhone 12 Pro includes LIDAR technology, primarily to improve the speed and accuracy of the camera’s focus. But you can also use it to map the shapes and sizes of objects. App developers are in the beginning stages of some amazing work to take advantage of this technology. But OmniSurf3D is already there…

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Image Rotation and Animation with OmniSurf3D

When it comes to understanding surface texture, one of the most powerful tools we have is an interactive visual of the surface. A 3D surface texture measurement tells a great deal about a surface, such as how features relate to each other—information that can only be hinted at by 2D measurements. 3D measurements help you

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Measuring gear tooth waviness to control gear noise - Digital Metrology

Measuring gear tooth waviness

Gear tooth waviness is a hot topic these days. As automobile engines have grown quieter, other noise sources, such as gears, are getting much more attention. We know that mid-wavelength waviness (two to three peaks per gear tooth) correlates to gear noise. What we have been lacking, however, are parameters that correlate to that noise,

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