Calculate the lead that can cause leaks 

Spiral tool marks on a turned shaft may survive grinding operations. When they do, they can make a spinning shaft act like a pump, driving lubricant through rotary shaft seals and out of the interface.

The new Xlead software measures spiraling/lead per the Daimler MBN_31007-7 specification. XLead is designed to be used as an offline analysis tool for the desktop and also as a module for incorporation into measuring instruments. 

Xlead can analyze 72 profiles at either 5 degree or 0.5 degree spacings based on the specific application.  It calculates the full suite of MBN parameters including: lead angle, depth, supply cross sections, and more. The numerical results and graphics are exportable in a variety of formats for subsequent reporting.  

Software add-on for metrology systems

Lead analysis can be an absolute requirement for some customers, so building lead analysis into your measurement systems can be a big advantage. That’s where Digital Metrology can help.  We can provide the analysis and software to tackle these challenges—freeing you up to focus on other aspects of the system.

When it comes to lead/spiraling and the MBN standard, the good news is that we’ve done the hard work already. XLead gives you out-of-the-box functionality that integrates directly into your software, and licensing is part of the package.

XLead is also available as an individual, stand-alone package and also through selected distributors. Several methods for seamlessly integrating XLead into your measurement systems are also available.

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