Digital Metrology Solution’s software provides essential tools for interpreting and understanding measurement data. Our software products measure surface texture, roundness, cross-hatch and more. We also develop custom metrology software to address unique measurement challenges. Find out how Digital Metrology can help solve your unique measurement needs!


Flagship Products

OmniSurf3D A Deeper Dimension in Understanding Your Surfaces
OmniSurf Comprehensive Surface Profile Analysis
OmniRound Comprehensive Roundness Analysis
HatchView Crosshatch Angle Measurement

Custom Solutions

Solution Showcase Custom Software for Your Toughest Challenges
Bandify-Bandify 3D Multiband Surface Texture Analysis Software
ProfileMaster Controlling Critical Profile Shapes
Blender Blend radius analysis
TraceDirector A New Architecture for Surface Texture Measurements
MultiProf Multi-Profile Roughness Analysis
Harmonic Helper Harmonic Analysis for Roundness
Shop Floor Roundness Measurement of Roundness and Harmonics