Bandify-Bandify 3D

Multi-band Surface Texture Analysis

What makes your eyes recognize a “luxury car finish”? What makes a brushed nickel finish look correctly “brushed”?

These questions, and many other questions like them, often boil down to the most important question:

How do you control your processes to make surface finishes that satisfy the eye and perform admirably through years of use?

Bandify3D Multiband Surface Texture Analysis Software

No surprise: it’s in the surface texture.

Specifically, it’s in the mix of spatial wavelengths that make up the texture. Surfaces dominated by short-wavelength texture tend to appear glossy, or perhaps even “fuzzy.” Longer-wavelength form may give the surface an appearance of haze or orange peel. Some texture is required for film-to-film adhesion, but too much will lead to poor appearance later.

For every application, the correct combination of spatial wavelengths leads to a finish that not only looks great but also offers excellent adhesion, durability, etc.

Multiband surface texture analysis: see the wavelengths that matter

We developed Bandify® and Bandify3D® as fast, efficient tools for analyzing surface texture and its component wavelength bands. You immediately see the surface texture separated into the wavelength bands that matter for your application, all in a single, intuitive display.

Download a 10-day Trial of Bandify

Download a 10-day Trial of Bandify3D

The image below shows Bandify’s intuitive, all-in-one display. The top of the window shows the composite texture. On the right and at the bottom of the window, the texture is separated into five customizable wavelength bands.

Bandify multiband surface texture software

Click on a specific band to view it in the profile graph, along with a representation of the wavelength domain for that band.

Digital Metrology Bandify Multi-band surface roughness analysis

Display a “parameter summary” to better understand the relationships between the bands.

Digital Metrology Bandify multi-band surface texture analysis

Tolerance bands make out-of-spec parameters immediately obvious. An example is the Average Roughness (Ra) value for Band D, shown in red below.

Digital Metrology Bandify multiband surface texture analysis software

Bandify can even control your measuring instrument for “one click” measurement and analysis. Contact Digital Metrology for specific interfaces.

Digital Metrology Bandify multi-band surface texture software


Download a 10-day Trial of Bandify

Download a 10-day Trial of Bandify3D

Moving beyond 2D profiles into 3D surfaces

Bandify3D provides multiband surface texture analysis for 3D measurement data. This image of the Bandify 3D interface shows the composite texture on the left and the “A” Band texture in the middle. At this wavelength we can see striations across the data from a prior machining process.

Digital Metrology Bandify3D 3D surface texture analysis software

Below is the same data with the longer-wavelength “D” band highlighted.

Digital Metrology Bandify3D multiband surface texture analysis software

Explore and interact with data

The Bandify and Bandify3D software packages let you quantify, specify, measure and track multi-band texture.

But most important, both Bandify packages let you explore and interact with the data. Click and drag on plots to highlight aspects of the texture. Calculate and compare standard parameters such as Average Roughness, RMS Roughness, Spacings and Slopes.

The software helps you see the effects of the texture at every stage of your process so you can determine the wavelengths that matter for a perfect finish.

Digital Metrology Bandify3D multiband surface texture analysis software

One wavelength band does not fit all

Because every application has unique requirements, Bandify’s wavelength bands are fully customizable. For each band you can configure the cutoff wavelengths, filtering methods, display parameters and pass/fail limits.  The 2D version and 3D version use identical interfaces for setting up analysis conditions—no need for additional training.

Digital Metrology Bandify3D multiband surface texture analysis software

What’s more, you can save all of the settings to create a measurement “recipe” for every type of part, at every stage processing. Bandify makes it exceptionally fast and easy to see and understand the effects of texture for every type of surface (bare metal, primer, paint, clear coat, etc.).

Simple and powerful texture analysis

Everything in Bandify is made to be fast and simple. Drag and drop existing data into either program to analyze in seconds. You can even batch process hundreds of files at a time.  These features and many others make Bandify and Bandify3D the perfect “common platforms” for analyzing and exploring data from all of your measuring instruments.

Bandify provides remarkable tools that make complex multiband texture analysis easy to digest, and lightning fast.

Download a 10-day Trial of Bandify

Download a 10-day Trial of Bandify3D

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