Metrology Experts

Digital Metrology provides:

  • Innovative measurement software to help you explore and interpret data
  • Custom metrology systems that address unique measurement challenges
  • Metrology consulting to solve design and manufacturing issues
  • Measurement training to help your staff make informed decisions in the lab and on the shop floor.

Digital Metrology-Software Custom_Solutions Training Consulting

Analysis tools that let you explore and understand measurement data

Data is the starting point for nearly every product or manufacturing-based decision. Measurement data determines specifications and controls manufacturing processes. Yet, data is only a means to an end — it must be interpreted in order to drive decisions. 

Digital Metrology develops general use and custom measurement software for exploring and understanding data. Rather than just reporting numbers, our software’s easy-to-learn tools let you interact with measurement data, interpret it, and use it to improve processes and products.

We also develop custom measurement systems that generate “information” rather than simply reporting “data.” We accomplish this by first gaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ measurement needs, then developing systems that express the required information in the clearest, most reliable format.

When you need to solve difficult process and design problems, our metrology consulting services let you leverage our decades of measurement expertise to quickly find precise, and lasting, solutions.

And, lastly, our metrology training helps you hone the skills you need to acquire, interpret, and take action on measurement data.

Expertise based on solid metrology principles, and the latest technologies

Metrology is the science of measurement, and solid metrology principles are at the heart of everything that Digital Metrology provides. We participate actively in both the ASME (National) and ISO (International) standards committees for metrology, including ASME B46, ASME B89 and ISO TC 213. We regularly collaborate with leading instrument manufacturers, universities and national laboratories to maintain visibility into the latest tools, techniques and technologies. And, we are deeply involved in the study and determination of measurement uncertainties for a variety of dimensional and surface metrology applications.

About the Digital Metrology Logo


Many people have asked about the significance of the logo. Here is the story.

Digital Metrology uncovers solutions to challenging product and process issues by exploring the information in measurement data. Our logo reflects this aspect of discovery, with elements that are not immediately obvious but which come to light through interaction. Separately, you’ll see the capital D and M that represent our name, as well as the the binary numbers they encapsulate. When taken together, these elements suggests an interface for viewing raw data and interpreting its meaning.

The Digital Metrology logo represents our commitment to bringing precision and clarity to specific measurement challenges; to delivering solutions that reveal information in the data that is not visible with a casual glance; and to demonstrating an understanding beyond measure.

The Hidden Meaning of the 0’s and 1’s

There’s one more level of information hidden in the binary number within our symbol. The data is constructed from the ASCII values of the letters D, M, S, as in Digital Metrology Solutions. D = 01000100, M = 01001101 and S = 01010011. These binary numbers for DMS repeat throughout the logo.

There you have it!
The Digital Metrology logo makes perfect sense.

Now, to start making sense of your measurements, contact Digital Metrology today!