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Controlling the diameter variation and taper of fuel injector nozzle spray holes is critical for injector performance. Yet, these tiny, narrow bores are notoriously difficult to measure and analyze. To this end, Bruker Alicona has developed a method for measuring the spray holes for an entire nozzle injector with its uCMM system. To  further analyze these features, Digital Metrology developed NozzleView software, which detects the surface associated with each spray hole, then analyzes the diameter variation throughout each of them. The software enables engineers and technicians to explore each hole by dragging a cross-sectional slice through the cylinder.

In the image below, NozzleView displays the cross-section at a series of depths, along with roundness plots throughout the spray hole. The right plot shows the diameter at each depth, and the taper is calculated over the blue region in the right-hand pane. The mean values for the entire nozzle are shown in the lower left. Batch processing allows for the analysis of  multiple measurements in a single click.  

Measure fuel injector nozzles, analyze injector nozzles, NozzleView, Digital Metrology Solutions

Applications for NozzleView software extend to any narrow bores, measured on any 3D system.

3D surface segmentation with OmniSurf3D


Gasket sealing analysis with OmniSurf

Digital Metrology OmniSurf Gasket Seal Analysis Software


Crosshatch analysis with HatchView



Logarithmic bearing profile analysis with OmniProfile

Laser-based burr measurement

Laser-based burr measurement for cylinder bores.


Multi-profile surface texture

In a production environment we typically need to manage multiple measurement at several locations per part. TraceMaker provides a straightforward interface for acquiring multiple profile traces per part. all control functions and data results are integrated into a single, touch-friendly screen. Guided sequences step you through measurements—with the ability to exit and re-enter a measurement sequence.

Digital Metrology TraceMaker Multiple Profile Measurement Software


Feature detection and surface texture

Digital Metrology-Feature Detection and Surface Texture Software


Aspheres and aspheric geometry analysis

Handle aspheric geometries with OmniSurf


Production brake geometry and texture measurement



“Flick” standard calibration





Multi-profile surface texture analysis 

MultiProf can be interfaced with a variety of surface texture measuring instruments, providing up to 4 simultaneous profile analyses.  The spreadsheet-style interface is easy to read, and intuitive. Analysis capabilities include the ISO 13565 filtering and parameters, analytical tools tailored for plateau honing, and easy tailoring to accommodate parameter sets for specific applications.

Digital Metrology MultiProf_Multiple Profile Surface Texture Analysis Software


Hardness “case depth”



Profile segment detection and analysis

Digital Metrology-Profile Segment Detection and Analysis


 In-vehicle metrology



Ball contact analysis

Digital Metrology-ContactView Ball Contact Analysis


Engine block surface texture measurement and analysis


Digital Metrology-BlockSurf Engine Block Surface Texture Measurement and Analysis Software


Guided sequence surface texture measurement

Whether it’s roughness or waviness, a single surface texture measurement cannot adequately describe the entire surface. TraceDirector is designed specifically for multi-measurement, shop-floor applications. For many surface measurement applications, one trace isn’t enough.  TraceDirector enables multiple traces at each location, and each trace can be analyzed multiple times – using different processing such as filtering and parameters.

Digital Metrology Trace_Director Surface Texture Analysis Software


Arc profile geometry and texture with OmniProfile

Digital Metrology-Omni Profile Software Arc Profile Geometry and Texture


Cam lobe geometry analysis



Defect detection and analysis

Digital-Metrology-Defect Detection and Analysis Software


Cone angle calculator



Pressure test data analysis



Robotic surface texture and crosshatch measurement

Measure Crosshatch - Digital Metrology Engine Block Robotic Surface Texture Measurement

Custom geometry analysis




Surtronic roundness



Stress concentration detection with OmniProfile

Digital Metrology-Omni Profile Stress Concentration Detection Software

Corner radius/blend geometry with Blender

Digital Metrology Blender Corner Radius Measurement Software


Lead angle detection and analysis



Guided sequence surface texture

Digital Metrology Guided Sequence Surface Texture Measurement Software


Blend radius/corner analysis



Segmented profile analysis

Digital Metrology-Segmented Profile Analysis Software


Bandpass waviness



Piston pinbore geometry with OmniProfile

Digital Metrology-Piston PinBore Geometry Measurement Software


Multi-region geometry analysis

Digital Metrology Multi-region Geometry Analysis Software


Instrument control and data acquisition



Fillet profile geometry and stress concentration analysis


Guided-sequence shaft measurement



Step height measurement


Mobile instrument interfacing


Gear tooth waviness


Multi-probe roundness and harmonics

Digital Metrology Accurate Gauging & Instruments shop floor measurement of roundness and harmonic detailsof crankshafts.


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