We focus on measurement so you can focus on its application

Digital Metrology is committed to the development and deployment of measurement technologies. We provide innovative software, custom-tailored metrology systems, consultation and training – while never losing sight of the fact that metrology is “a means to an end.” The value of a measurement isn’t in the result – it’s in what you do with it. Digital Metrology brings understanding beyond measure, helping you develop, interpret and apply your measurement results to your specific situation.

Mark C. Malburg, Ph.D. Digital Metrology Solutions, Inc.


60-Second Surface Analysis Video – TraceBoss+ Image Explorer

TraceBoss+ lets you analyze your surfaces by the numbers, and it also helps you SEE what’s happening with your process. This short video shows how the Image Explorer feature lets you import an image of a surface, calculate crosshatch angle, explore the surface quality, and save the image and numerical results in a single file.

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See TraceBoss+ in Action at the Rottler Open House

Join Rottler Manufacturing for an Open House on October 5–7 to celebrate the company’s 100 year anniversary! The event will include live machine demonstrations, hands-on experience with factory technicians, technical seminars and presentations, and live music entertainment on Friday night. Digital Metrology’s Mark Malburg will join Scott Rowe (Rottler) and Keith Jones (Total Seal Piston Rings) for the session, The latest in cylinder wall finishes and piston rings and how to apply to your business. Thursday Oct 5th 9-11am.  And check out Rottler’s demo honing machines, now running Digital Metrology's TraceBoss+ software! Event details, the full agenda, and hotel and travel information are available here.

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60-Second Surface Analysis Video – Interactive Cropping in OmniSurf3D

We commonly need to crop out some surface texture data to focus on an area of interest. Most software has a tool that lets you select a region…but the region may not line up with the tool. OmniSurf3D now has an Interactive Cropping tool that lets you rotate the data to quickly line up the cropping tools with the data. Learn how in this 60-Second Surface Analysis video.

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60-Second Surface Analysis Video – Analyzing Part of a Profile

Surface roughness measurements frequently include more data than we want to analyze. The extra areas may include steps, noise, or irrelevant features that will skew any parameters that we calculate. To get to the data we want, we need to focus on just part of the profile. OmniSurf software (Digital Metrology) includes several tools for selecting a region for analysis, and for calculating the parameters over just this region of interest. We'll show how to use those tools in this 60-Second Surface Analysis video.

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New Notepad Series Video: The Profile Graph

Trying to understand surface texture using just a parameter or two is like trying to drive at night using only your speedometer and a compass. Those tools can tell you which direction you're headed, and how fast...but they can't help you to correct. In this video we describe the profile graph and dive into what it can tell us about our surfaces and processes. Rather than "dead reckoning" using parameters, the profile graph helps relate the shape of your surface to what's happening in your process.

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Introducing TraceBoss+


Last year Digital Metrology's TraceBoss software changed how you see, save, and understand data from your surface roughness gage. Now, TraceBoss+ brings you even more, combining the surface roughness analysis of TraceBoss with the crosshatch analysis of our HatchView software... and introducing new tools to measure, save, store, export, and print all of these results together. So much more than a sum of its parts!

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Notepad Series Video: The Probability Parameters

In this Notepad Series video we look at a way of describing worn or plateaued surfaces. The Rq (or "Q") family of surface texture parameters, also known as the “probability parameters,”  describes worn or plateaued surfaces that consist of two distinct distributions of heights. They are powerful tools for describing the peak and valley regions, and the intersection point where plateaus meet valleys.

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Pickleball paddles: does “rougher” equal “more friction?”

How much does the surface texture of a pickleball paddle affect the friction when it contacts the ball? The answer is: a lot, but maybe not how you would expect! In this new Surface Notes blog post we compare the surfaces of two paddles to see whether the surface roughness really correlates with friction. You can try it for yourself as well—the datasets are now available in our Surface Library.

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Video: Stylus Simulation Tool

Does a stylus see the same details as an optical system? The Stylus Simulation tool in OmniSurf3D surface analysis software predicts what a stylus will see as it moves over a surface texture. In this video we demonstrate how the tool works and how it helps bridge the gap between optical and stylus measurement technologies.

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Mark Malburg presenting at STLE

Digital Metrology's Mark Malburg will be presenting this week at the STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Long Beach, California.

Making Surface Texture Meaningful: Case Studies in Surface Analysis for Tribological Applications
Thursday, May 25, 9:00 am
Long Beach Convention Center, SESSION 7K Surface Engineering III, Room 201B

For more details view the STLE meeting program guide.

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