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We focus on measurement so you can focus on its application

Digital Metrology is committed to the development and deployment of measurement technologies. We provide innovative software, custom-tailored metrology systems, consultation and training – while never losing sight of the fact that metrology is “a means to an end”. The value of a measurement isn’t in the result – it’s in what you do with it. Digital Metrology brings understanding beyond measure – helping you develop, interpret and apply your measurement results to your specific situation.

Mark C. Malburg, Ph.D. Digital Metrology Solutions, Inc.



With 25 years of metrology software development experience and an extensive network of university and industry resources, Digital Metrology can handle the toughest metrological and mathematical challenges.


Digital Metrology provides customized measurement training sessions at your location. Topics cover the full range of surface and geometry specifications and measurement. Your actual, data is used in the training – adding even greater relevance.


Let’s face it – we can’t be experts in everything.  You need to focus on what affects your bottom line. Digital Metrology consultants focus on the specification and measurement of dimensional and surface geometries. Let’s work together.


  • On Line: Advanced Wear Analysis in Metrology News

    Accurately assessing wear is critical for designing surfaces in contact. Unfortunately, mistakes are common when it comes to assessing actual wear depth. This article presents fundamentals and practical tools for exploring and assessing surfaces at various stages of wear.  You can read our article on advanced wear assessment in Metrology News, Sept. 23, 2019.

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  • In Print: Predicting Surface Functions with Morphological Filters in AM&D Magazine

    For surface texture measurements to be most effective, results must predict functionality. Morphological filters allow us to quantify functions such as appearance, sealing ability, and wear resistance. Read our article on this topic that appeared in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine, July 2019.

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  • Digital Metrology Releases Multi-Band Surface Texture Analysis Software

    Digital Metrology has released Bandify and Bandify3D multi-band surface texture analysis software, which let you instantly analyze surface texture in individual spatial wavelength bands.

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  • Digital Metrology Marks 20 Years of Metrology Successes

    Digital Metrology Solutions is celebrating its twentieth anniversary as a provider of metrology software, measurement consulting and measurement training.

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  • OmniSurf3D :: August 2018 Press Release

    Check out the OmniSurf3D press release highlighting the capabilities of this powerful, yet easy to use and affordable software package.

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  • Got questions? We have answers

    In many industries, "Six Sigma" (6-Sigma) processes and methodologies are driving the need for a better understanding of measurement data. Having reliable and meaningful data is more important today than ever before. Furthermore, through these activities, the effectiveness of many measurements to describe the actual attribute of interest has come into question. These questions can range from the simple: "Is part #1 bigger than part #2?"  all the way to the difficult:…

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  • OmniRound :: Geometry analysis from your desktop OmniRound allows you to explore your roundness/flatness/runout data – right from your desktop. OmniSurf acts as a geometry analysis “toolbox” giving you the tools to:
    • Analyze data files collected from a variety of instruments from most major manufacturers
    • Apply the latest metrology tools (many are not yet available in instruments) including:.…
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  • OmniSurf :: Understand your difficult surfaces Omni is from the Latin "omnis" meaning "all". The concept of "all" runs throughout the OmniSurf package in that the goal is to provide every possible data analysis method for data obtained from every possible instrument. In this regard, OmniSurf seeks to provide the widest range of analytical capabilities to the widest range of data sets – in an easy-to-use software package.… Read More
  • OmniSurf3D :: A deeper dimension in understanding your surfaces

    With OmniSurf3D you will see – and understand – your data like never before! Let’s face it. Surface texture matters. It matters a lot. But until now the ability to understand and describe surface texture was left to the “experts”. Big scary equations and complicated mathematics prevented normal people from exploring, understanding and improving their surfaces. Until now.…

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