We focus on measurement so you can focus on its application

Digital Metrology is committed to the development and deployment of measurement technologies. We provide innovative software, custom-tailored metrology systems, consultation and training – while never losing sight of the fact that metrology is “a means to an end.” The value of a measurement isn’t in the result – it’s in what you do with it. Digital Metrology brings understanding beyond measure, helping you develop, interpret and apply your measurement results to your specific situation.

Mark C. Malburg, Ph.D. Digital Metrology Solutions, Inc.


New “Average Roughness (Ra)” Notepad Series Video

The average roughness (or “Ra”) value of a surface is the most common number describing the “amount” of roughness on that surface. While the Ra value (or “Sa” for areal / 3D measurements) may give a general sense of the surface texture, it cannot distinguish between two surfaces of different shapes. For example, a jagged surface with sharp spikes could have the same Ra value as a smoothly plateaued surface with lots of deep porosity. As we show in this video, describing a surface using only Ra is like describing a concert only by loudness! Yet, Ra (or Sa) may still have its uses in some production settings.

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New Paper: Defining and Describing Surface Error

Controlling optical component performance requires well-defined measurement processes. In this white paper we look at how analysis software can help standardize measurement processes and results, by guiding users through the steps of the measurement process (geometry fitting, filtering, and defining parameters) and by making it simple to visualize the impact of analysis options. 

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“Bandpass Waviness” Notepad Series Video

In our last video, "Roughness and Waviness," we looked at how to separate longer wavelength "waviness" from short-wavelength "roughness." In "Bandpass Waviness" we go a step further and also separate waviness from the long-wavelength "form" shapes. Making this distinction lets us target the waviness features that could matter most to you. For example, if you are trying to create a sealing surface, controlling the waviness-related lumps or bumps may be your biggest challenge. One surprising upshot of controlling these features separately: the added controls may actually let you loosen tolerances on the long wavelength form as a result.

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Read our Latest Article in Quality Magazine

Our joint article with Michigan Metrology, "Hidden Waviness: When Measuring Roughness Cannot Solve Quality Challenges," appears in the June 2020 issue of Quality Magazine.

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Read the Latest Edition of our ‘Surface Matters’ Newsletter

In the June edition we show you how to use a penny to compare the capabilities of measurement systems. We look at the relative size of high-resolution areal (3D) measurements versus typical profile (2D) traces (you may be surprised). We also talk about how custom solutions can outperform off-the-shelf options for many production tasks. And, we introduce you to some new productivity tools in our OmniSurf3D software that may make your job easier.

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Read our “Advanced Wear Analysis” article in Metrology News

Accurately assessing wear is critical for designing surfaces in contact. Unfortunately, mistakes are common when it comes to assessing actual wear depth. This article presents fundamentals and practical tools for exploring and assessing surfaces at various stages of wear.  You can read our article on advanced wear assessment in Metrology News, Sept. 23, 2019.

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See our “Predicting Surface Functions” article in AM&D Magazine

For surface texture measurements to be most effective, results must predict functionality. Morphological filters allow us to quantify functions such as appearance, sealing ability, and wear resistance. Read our article on this topic that appeared in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine, July 2019.

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New multi-band surface texture analysis software released

Digital Metrology has released Bandify and Bandify3D multi-band surface texture analysis software, which let you instantly analyze surface texture in individual spatial wavelength bands.

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Digital Metrology marks 20 years of metrology successes

Digital Metrology Solutions is celebrating its twentieth anniversary as a provider of metrology software, measurement consulting and measurement training.

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OmniSurf3D: powerful, affordable surface texture analysis

Check out the OmniSurf3D press release highlighting the capabilities of this powerful, yet easy to use and affordable software package. Visualize and explore 3D surface texture like never before.

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Got questions? Learn about our measurement consulting services

When you are faced with difficult process and product problems, you can leverage decades of measurement expertise through our metrology consulting services. We work directly with your team to address issues of measurement uncertainty, geometrical specification, compliance, calibration and out-of-tolerance related manufacturing issues. Not only will we help solve the problem, but we can develop production-ready measurement systems to monitor and control the results.

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OmniRound: Geometry analysis from your desktop

OmniRound allows you to explore your roundness/flatness/runout data – right from your desktop. OmniRound acts as a geometry analysis “toolbox” giving you the tools to analyze datafrom a variety of instruments, and to apply the latest metrology tools.

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OmniSurf: Understand your difficult surfaces

Omni is from the Latin "omnis" meaning "all". The concept of "all" runs throughout the OmniSurf package. Its goal is to provide every possible analysis method for data obtained from every possible instrument. In this regard, OmniSurf seeks to provide the widest range of analytical capabilities to the widest range of data sets – in an easy-to-use software package.

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