Digital Metrology is committed to helping customers to develop measurement capabilities and improve the understanding of those capabilities. With that in mind, we invite you to explore the metrology education resources below.


Our goal is always to help you solve metrology challenges, through software, systems and training. We provide easy-to-use tools, and the know-how to use them on an ongoing basis.


Digital Metrology is committed to helping our customers understand metrology. Our standard and customized training programs provide specific solutions that help you do your job, and apply the concepts to your applications.


In these short sessions we try to make surface texture understandable for those who rely on the information but are not necessarily experts in the field.


The Surface Texture Answer Book addresses more than 100 of the most commonly-asked questions regarding measurement, analysis, interpretation, specification, and application of surface texture.


These informative videos will guide you through the basics of our metrology software and will teach you important aspects of surface texture measurement.


Learn about 3D areal surface measurement, roundness, and other aspects of shop and lab metrology through these brief, informative tutorials.


Digital Metrology stays engaged in the metrology community. We aid in developing standards, contribute to technical publications and are frequent conference presenters. Check out some of our papers and presentations.


The Surface Library contains data that will help you to explore, understand, and explain surface texture.


The surface notes metrology blog addresses issues related to the measurement and analysis of surface texture and shape. We look at all aspects of surface roughness and waviness, roundness, crosshatch, measurement instruments, techniques, and applications for process development, quality control, and research.