Connecting your Surface Gage to TraceBoss

It’s incredibly quick to connect TraceBoss software to your roughness tester. Each surface finish gage communicates with a PC in its own way, however. In this video we look at a couple of examples to see how the TraceBoss help system makes life easy for you and guides you through the process.

TraceBoss Installation

It’s easy to get started with TraceBoss surface gage software. This video shows the steps to download, install, and run TraceBoss.

TraceBoss Intro Video

TraceBoss gives your portable surface roughness gage the power of a high-end instrument. Accessible and affordable, TraceBoss interfaces instantly with most gages for one-button measurement and analysis, with full-screen graphics and the parameters that count. This video shows you how easy it is to connect your gage to TraceBoss to begin seeing, saving, and understanding … Read more