Laser-Based Burr Measurement 

An engine block manufacturer needed to detect and measure burrs that were being generated during a chamfering operation. Of particular concern were burrs that protruded above the head deck.

The initial solution was to manually inspect each bore using a line scanning sensor and custom gauge tooling. While the sensor did reveal burrs, the process was time-consuming, and the visual inspection could not produce repeatable burr height and width numbers.

Measure burrs - Digital Metrology -  Engine block Piston Bore Burr Measurement

Digital Metrology developed software to interface with the sensor and to provide the operator with an easy-to-navigate interface. A guided sequence shows the operator the location for each required measurement, and a quick press of a button on the gauge handle produces fast results in tabular format.

The software solution resulted in a tremendous improvement in measurement speed, as well as accurate burr height and width data, vastly improving on the prior, qualitative visual inspection.

This  project is a great example of how Digital Metrology’s software and math expertise can transform raw sensor results into production measurement data.

Created in collaboration with Keyence and Tempest Tool