Multi-probe Roundness and Harmonics Measurement

Digital Metrology recently teamed up with Accurate Gauging & Instruments in Pune, India. The company was investigating methods for shop floor measurement of roundness and the harmonic details of a 900 mm long crankshaft.

Digital Metrology Accurate Gauging & Instruments shop floor measurement of roundness and harmonic detailsof crankshafts.

Digital Metrology provided the mathematical analysis to perform “three-probe” measurements on the shafts. Unlike methods which require a precision spindle, the three-probe approach decouples the form errors of the component from the movement associated with the rotation. It’s a fast, accurate way to measure roundness in a production environment, without time-consuming levelling and alignment.

The completed machine provides fully automated measurement of seven journals and six pins.

Created in collaboration with Accurate Gauging & Instruments