Turning Surface - Turned Shaft - Digital Metrology Surface Library

You’ve likely seen a comparator strip that includes samples of common machined surfaces. We have similar examples of machining operations in this library as well. This dataset is the turned surface of a cylindrical shaft.

Remove the cylindrical form (Analysis Settings > Geometry/Form > Cylinder) to view the underlying surface texture. Click the Profile toolbar button to view a cross section through the surface (and right-click on the profile to Show x-cursors, which can be positioned to show the spacing of the turning marks.

Double-click in the right column to view the values of a range of surface texture parameters.

Turning Surface - Turned Shaft - Digital Metrology Surface Library

Compare this data to the Grinding and Honed surfaces, also in this Library.

Measured with a Zygo ZeGage Plus, 10x objective, desampled.
Data source:  Digital Metrology Solutions (www.digitalmetrology.com)

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Digital Metrology Solutions. “Surface Library.” Digitalmetrology, digitalmetrology.com/dataset/turning. Accessed Jun 17, 2024.