Read our December ‘Surface Matters’ Newsletter

If you follow Digital Metrology, you know that we are focused on making surface texture and shape analysis approachable and understandable.

In the December issue of our quarterly Surface Matters newsletter we round up the new blog posts, papers and videos that we’ve been adding to our website over the last few months—including our new Notepad Series videos which many of you have already visited.

We are always pleased to learn how our software and training is helping people learn about surface texture. This month we share how one engineering professor is using our OmniSurf software products to help educate the next generation of machinists and designers.

We also introduce you to the Interactive Filtering feature in OmniSurf3D. It helps you focus on the features in your data that matter for the application, in a very visual way.

Metrology News - Digital Metrology 'Surface Matters' Newsletter

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