GAR Strip: New additions to the Surface Library

We made a big addition to the Surface Library this week! The new Microfinish Comparator series includes high resolution, 3D data of the 22 surface texture samples on a GAR S-22 microfinish comparator gage. These textures represent various machining operations and surface roughness amplitudes. Many of us use these kinds of tactile gages to compare surfaces visually or by touch. These samples make it easy to compare and explore these common surfaces in great detail.

In the Library the files are named “Microfinish Comparator Strip [sample]” and appear in order. You can also access all of them from the list at the bottom of each entry—here is a link to Microfinish Comparator Strip 2L to get you started.

As far as we know, this is the first full set of GAR texture measurement data that has been made available. We hope you’ll find it useful and informative!

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