Here’s something that you may not know: many, highly critical “cylindrical” surface are not actually very cylindrical. OmniProfile (formerly ProfileMaster) helps you analyze cylindricity on highly stressed roller bearings, pin-bores on pistons, and other nominally cylindrical components. Roller bearings In many highly stressed applications the cylindrical roller cannot be “too cylindrical” – otherwise severe edge … Read more


Have you ever thought about these kinds of blend radius tolerances? We see them all the time, but rarely do we take the time to actually think about what they mean. A maximum blend tolerance defines a zone which actually has “zero tolerance” in the edges. Let’s zoom in a bit and you can see … Read more

Harmonic Helper

Rolling element bearing raceways require tight controls on roundness in order to ensure proper performance. However, the typical specification of Peak-to-Valley roundness using standard filters and standard transmission bands does not necessarily control the roundness features that are related to performance implications such as noise and vibration. In these bearing applications, the “harmonic content” must … Read more


Calculate the lead that can cause leaks  Spiral tool marks on a turned shaft may survive grinding operations. When they do, they can make a spinning shaft act like a pump, driving lubricant through rotary shaft seals and out of the interface. The new Xlead software measures spiraling/lead per the Daimler MBN_31007-7 specification. XLead is … Read more

Solution Showcase

Digital Metrology can help you take on your toughest measurement challenges. Check out these examples of where custom metrology systems have been developed to address unique customer needs. NozzleView Controlling the diameter variation and taper of fuel injector nozzle spray holes is critical for injector performance. Yet, these tiny, narrow bores are notoriously difficult to … Read more