60-Second Surface Analysis – Wear Analysis

Analyzing wear depth is not something you’d usually think of as “fun”…but with the Wear Analysis in OmniSurf3D, it kind of is! In this video we use the Wear Analysis tool to quickly measure the depth and volume of a wear scar. The whole process is super-fast and really intuitive. If you want to learn … Read more

60 Second Surface Analysis – 3D Printing Surface Data

Viewing surface data in OmniSurf3D software is almost the best way to see and explore it. But there is one step further you can go, and that’s to actually hold the surface in your hand. The good news is that you can do that through OmniSurf3D as well! In this video we show you how … Read more

60 Second Surface Analysis – Missing Data Fill

3D texture data can look like a solid, continuous surface. But in reality, there’s space between the measured pixels, and some of those pixels may not have been measured at all. Missing Data Fill is a pre-processing step that bridges those bad pixels, making data easier to interpret. But sometimes looking at the Raw data, … Read more

60 Second Surface Analysis – Can I really measure this feature?

When we look at surface texture data from a measurement system, we have to consider whether the features we are seeing are real, or whether they might be noise or bad pixels. In this 60-Second Surface Analysis video we show how you can zoom in on a feature in OmniSurf3D software to see just how … Read more

60 Second Surface Analysis – Profile and Surface Display Types

Analyzing surface texture data is a process, and there are lots of settings along the way. So, how do you know what you’ve done to the data when you change something? OmniSurf and OmniSurf3D surface analysis software guide you through the process and show you what happens at each step. In this short video we … Read more

60 Second Surface Analysis – TraceBoss+ Image Explorer

TraceBoss+ lets you analyze your surfaces by the numbers, and it also helps you SEE what’s happening with your process. This short video shows how the Image Explorer feature lets you import an image of a surface, calculate the crosshatch angle, and zoom and pan to explore the surface quality. Best of all, you can … Read more