Wear Analysis Tool

The Wear Analysis tool in OmniSurf3D lets you precisely define reference and wear regions, and to calculate many key parameters about the worn area, such as wear depth and wear volume. Learn about how this powerful tool makes it easy to explore and analyze a wear scar and to understand how the material has been … Read more

60 Second Surface Analysis – Can I really measure this feature?

When we look at surface texture data from a measurement system, we have to consider whether the features we are seeing are real, or whether they might be noise or bad pixels. In this 60-Second Surface Analysis video we show how you can zoom in on a feature in OmniSurf3D software to see just how … Read more

XY Profile Analysis in OmniSurf3D

When working with areal (3D) surface texture data, we often want to examine 2D slices through that data. OmniSurf3D takes XY analysis further than most other software. Small charts called “sparklines” help you to quickly spot trends in parameter values and show which parameters are most sensitive to the variations that occur in the particular … Read more

OmniSurf3D Surface Editor Tool

Have you ever loaded a 3D dataset only to find there were defects in the data? Most surface analysis software includes tools for addressing missing or errant pixels: median filters, or peak/valley thresholds, for example. But in some cases the feature just too big or too isolated to filter out. For these cases, OmniSurf3D includes … Read more

Analyzing Aspheric Optics in OmniSurf3D – Tutorial

If you work in the world of optics there’s a good chance that you know a thing or two about aspheric geometries. Analyzing aspheric optics can be a challenge. OmniSurf3D analysis software includes a set of tools that make it easy to analyze aspheres, visualize the results, and export the shape to your modelling software … Read more

Describing Gear Tooth Waviness with OmniSurf3D

Gear tooth noise control is very important in many applications. While much has been said about the relationship between waviness and noise, little has been said about the specifics of detecting and describing the waviness. OmniSurf3D not only gives you the tools to extract and visualize waviness, but it also gives you powerful new parameters … Read more