What’s beyond average roughness?

In surface texture, Average Roughness (Ra) is still the most widely used parameter, even though it has serious limitations. But what other tools are there that can tell us more about our surfaces? We’ll be exploring that topic in a series of posts, so watch this spot for updates every week! Looking for more info? … Read more

Surface Texture: meet the Scouts!

If you’re reading this blog, you know that we love sharing what we know about surfaces. Sometimes that information impacts people’s lives in the most unexpected of places! Brian Vogel is a Scout troop leader, in addition to his 30-year career in drafting and metrology. Though he’s amassed a wealth of GD&T and surface texture … Read more

Losing our marbles?

Here’s a fun “macro” example of an important aspect of micro surface texture. Peak curvature is a measure of the “sharpness” of the small peaks in a surface. Many papers have been written on this important tribology parameter because it relates directly to a number of surface functions. But if you’re trying to estimate peak … Read more

A power boost for your measurement system

Most measurement systems ship with software for acquiring data and displaying it in generalized ways. But what if you need to calculate special parameters, or display data in a way that’s unique to your process or application?   Custom software tools, or “helper applications,” can pick up where off-the-shelf instrument software leaves off, filling in features … Read more

What am I missing when I only measure average roughness?

Here are two of our favorite pens: the “Uniball Grip” that we use with our logo, and the Pilot G-7 that we use for the Notepad Series. Both are relatively inexpensive, but they both write very well, and both grips feel great to hold. Speaking of “feeling great,” we put the pen grips under the … Read more