Hexagon Surface Texture

When Hexagon needed to analyze surface texture data from their optical roughness sensor, they turned to Digital Metrology and OmniSurf3D.

Hexagon CMM’s already provide world-leading geometrical measurements and analyses. However, their new HP-OW and HP-O optical sensors, coupled with unique customer requirements, created the need for more specialized 3D surface analysis.

The solution was to integrate Digital Metrology’s OmniSurf3D software into the workflow of Hexagon’s QUINDOS software. QUINDOS remotely (and transparently) executes OmniSurf3D to process the surface data and calculate the texture parameters. The OmniSurf3D parameters and graphics are automatically returned to QUINDOS, which generates a single report including all geometrical and texture results.

Hexagon CMMs include Digital Metrology OmniSurf3D software to analyze surface texture data from the optical roughness sensor

The OmniSurf3D analysis settings can be modified as part of the measurement setup for different analysis and output requirements.

The result is a seamless integration of advanced (and even custom) surface texture from within a standard CMM program.

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Created in collaboration with Hexagon