Conical Data

Surface Roughness Conical Valve Seat - Digital Metrology

This data is representative of a range of parts with a conical overall shape (valve seats, as an example). When dealing with data such as this it’s important to turn off data filling (Analysis Setting > Missing Data Filling > None) to avoid bridging the empty inner and outer areas.

If you remove the cone shape from the data (Analysis Setting > Geometry/Form > Cone) you’ll be able to see the annular machining marks on the surface. You might also want to choose Tools > Circle/Ellipse Cross-Section to acquire a circular cross-section around the dataset.


Measured with Alicona SL. 
Data source:  Digital Metrology Solutions (

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How to cite

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Digital Metrology Solutions. “Surface Library.” Digitalmetrology, Accessed Jun 17, 2024.