Fish Scales—Dusky Smooth-hound (Mustelus Canis)

Fish Scales -Dusty Smooth-hound (Mustelus Canis) - Courtesy Dr. Dylan Wainwright

This series of fish scales shows the many variations in morphology between fish species.

The Dusky Smooth-Hound is a shark, meaning it has tiny scales (called placoid scales or denticles). These features have complex, 3D shapes and create a surface made of their crowns which protrude above the skin. The crowns often have posterior points or spines and surface ridges, which give shark skin a very smooth feel when feeling it from the head to the tail. Denticles have also been shown to reduce hydrodynamic drag.

For this dataset, a plane geometry is sufficient to remove the shape (tilt). A 2.5 mm long wavelength filter makes the microstructure apparent.

Measured via GelSight Mobile surface analysis system

Data Source: Dr. Dylan Wainwright, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University

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Read more about Dr. Wainwrights’ research here.

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