Fish Scales—Splitfin Flashlight Fish (Anomalops Katoptron)

Fish Scales - Splitfin Flashlightfish (Anomalops Katoptron) - Courtesy Dr. Dylan Wainwright

This series of fish scales shows the many variations in morphology between fish species.

The splitfin flashlight fish has highly ornamented scales with many spines on their surface. This image also shows roughness on the surface of the tail, as well as the higher-height lateral line canal that runs down the body.

For this dataset, cropping out some of the background field and applying a 2.5 mm long wavelength filter brings out the detail.

Measured via GelSight Mobile surface analysis system

Data Source: Dr. Dylan Wainwright, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University

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Read more about Dr. Wainwrights’ research here.

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