Leaky Washer

Surface Texture of a Leaky Washer - Digital Metrology

This dataset shows a washer surface with a “ding” that is a certain leak path.

To display this data appropriately, turn off data filling (Analysis > Pre-Processing > Missing Data Filling= None), then remove a plane (Analysis >Geometry/Form > Plane).

This is an excellent dataset for working with morphological filters in OmniSurf3D. Choose Tools > Morphological Analysis to bring up the analysis window. Select Closing to apply a Closing filter, enter a Radius of 20, and click Apply. The data on the right shows that a mating surface will contact the washer all the way around except at the location of the ding. Try reducing the radius to simulate a more compliant mating material, or increasing the radius to simulate a less compliant mating surface.

Surface Texture of a Leaky Washer - Digital Metrology


You can apply a circular cross-section tool (Tools > Circle/Ellipse Cross-Section) to acquire a profile around the circumference of the washer. This profile can even be exported to OmniSurf (2D) if you want to do further 2-dimensional analysis on it. 

Surface Texture of a Leaky Washer - Digital Metrology


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Digital Metrology Solutions. “Surface Library.” Digitalmetrology, digitalmetrology.com/dataset/leaky-washer. Accessed Jun 17, 2024.