Pen Cap

Surface Texture Plastic Pen Cap with Logo Ink - Digital Metrology

You may recognize this image from our blog post (Image Overlays in OmniSurf3D) showing how image overlays can provide a more realistic sense of a surface. 

The .os3d file format can include an image overlay file within it. In OmniSurf3D click the camera toolbar icon to toggle the image overlay on or off (the button will be grayed out when an overlay is not present.

Pen Cap with Logo - Digital Metrology

If you remove the cylindrical form (Analysis Settings > Geometry/Form Removal > Cylinder) you can actually view the height of the ink on the plastic.

Pen Cap with Logo - Digital Metrology

Measured with Keyence VR-3100. Includes color image overlay.

Data source:  Digital Metrology Solutions (

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Digital Metrology Solutions. “Surface Library.” Digitalmetrology, Accessed Apr 18, 2024.