OmniSurf3D: powerful, affordable surface texture analysis

Digital Metrology Announces Release of OmniSurf3D Software for Easy Surface Texture Visualization and Analysis

COLUMBUS, IN (August 29, 2018) – Digital Metrology Solutions, Inc., developers of measurement software, technologies, consulting and training, have announced the release of OmniSurf3D for 3D surface texture visualization and analysis. The new software provides a suite of three-dimensional surface analysis tools that can be quickly mastered by non-metrology experts as well as advanced users.


Shown here is a sample of textured paper in OmniSurf3D. The 3D image on the left shows the surface as measured; on the right, the overall form, or waviness, of the sample has been removed, revealing the underlying surface texture.


“Some years ago, we recognized a need for software that would help people outside of the metrology lab to explore their measured surfaces and better understand the effect on part functionality,” said Dr. Mark Malburg, President of Digital Metrology. “Our OmniSurf2D software, which was released 14 years ago, has been highly successful in providing machinists, line engineers and managers with a friendly and right-sized toolset to visualize surfaces quickly in two dimensions. OmniSurf3D now fills a similar role but in a much more powerful and interactive way. It provides a remarkably thorough picture of 3D texture and its various analyses with the briefest of learning curves.”

The OmniSurf3D software package’s primary strength is its streamlined interface which conveniently puts all basic settings in one place: Preprocessing to account for missing pixels, outliers, etc.; several common reference Geometries for removing overall shape to reveal the surface texture; Filtering to highlight large-scale waviness or fine-scale roughness; and dozens of ISO and custom Parameters to describe the most critical aspects of the surface. 

Underlying the easy-to-use interface, however, is a robust set of quantitative as well as qualitative measurement tools. Advanced users can zoom on a particular Region of Interest, rotate, apply and position cross-sectioning tools in real-time, and alter filter parameters interactively. The software can import datasets from virtually all common metrology systems and software, including the standardized “SDF” and “X3P” formats. Advanced functions include ISO 25178 feature detection (Wolf Pruning) to define hills, dales, pits, peaks, saddles, ridge lines and course lines. 

Erik Henrikson, Ph.D. Director of Innovation and Testing at PING (a global leader in golf equipment design & manufacturing), concisely described what many other users have experienced: “OmniSurf3D is super easy to use. Both novices and advanced users can easily extract meaningful insights through the software’s combination of intuitive functionality and in-depth analysis tools.”

Malburg added, “With OmniSurf3D we wanted to create tools that let you quickly explore, understand and improve a surface, without requiring a great deal of mathematical interpretation or even a great deal of metrology knowledge. We want a user to be able to study a surface by interacting with the surface in a highly intuitive way. Providing accurate numerical results is fundamental to OmniSurf3D, but the ability to see and interact with the surface was our real focus, and that’s where the software really shines. Furthermore, the software is available at a price point that lets everyone on a team have a copy.”

Visit the OmniSurf3D Solution Page to learn more.