A power boost for your measurement system

Most measurement systems ship with software for acquiring data and displaying it in generalized ways. But what if you need to calculate special parameters, or display data in a way that’s unique to your process or application?  

Custom software tools, or “helper applications,” can pick up where off-the-shelf instrument software leaves off, filling in features that are absent from native software. While changes to instrument software may take months (or even years) to schedule and develop, a small helper application can be developed much faster, and to specific requirements. 

bandify3d multi wavelength surface roughness software and 4d surfspec coatings surface measurement gauge

Digital Metrology’s Bandify3D software is a helper application that can be opened from the toolbar in the 4D SurfSpec Coatings Surface Measurement Gauge software. Image courtesy 4D Technology Corporation.

What can a helper application do?

Our Solutions Showcase highlights a sampling of custom software that we’ve developed over the years. The software generally provides one or more of the following:

Custom parameters

A custom application can calculate parameters that are not available with native software and can present them in real time.

custom software, corner radius analysis

Custom parameters for defining a challenging corner feature, running alongside
measurement software from Taylor Hobson.

Custom analysis

A helper application can be invoked to find and analyze particular features or to analyze complex geometries.

Measure fuel injector nozzles, analyze injector nozzles, NozzleView, Digital Metrology Solutions

A custom analysis of the spray bores of fuel injectors, running alongside measurement software from Alicona.

Custom displays

A helper application can present production measurement data so that it can be read at a glance. It can also display results from multiple measurements, making it much easier to spot trends and developing issues.

This custom display shows multiple trace measurements simultaneously for comparison, running alongside surface roughness measurement software.

Proprietary analysis

In some cases, a proprietary analysis technique can be built into a stand-alone custom application, providing a competitive advantage while also protecting the methodology.

custom software, helper application

How instrument software and a helper application work together

In an instrument environment, the native software and helper application can act on the same data. How the two software interact depends upon your requirements and on the capabilities of the native application. Three common scenarios are:

  1. Remote execution. Some native software can remotely execute a helper application, which can be displayed alongside the instrument software or brought to the foreground when required.
  2. Windows messaging. With some native instrument software, Windows messages offer an effective way to invoke a helper application and push data directly into that application. 
  3. Auto loading. In this arrangement, the instrument software saves data, and the helper application watches for new data to analyze. Our standard OmniSurf, OmniRound, and OmniSurf3D software all have auto loading as a feature as well.

No matter how the native software is constructed, a helper application can be developed to improve its performance and capabilities!

Custom software can greatly improve efficiency and quality, providing the needed information in the most useful format. Digital Metrology  develops custom software quickly and cost effectively—contact us today to learn how we can help create your custom application!