Cylinder Bore – Plasma

Plasma cylinder bore surface texture

Plasma coated or SUMEbore® cylinder bores use a plasma process to spray one of many different coatings on the surface. This coated surface is typically somewhat porous and must be finish-honed to achieve the final surface. The finish-honing process for plasma cylinder bores typically involves very fine abrasives, and the resulting surface is made up of a very fine peak surface with exposed porosity. 

Much like plateau honing, the plasma surface provides a “broken in” texture with a smooth upper surface and porosity for lubrication retention and debris collection.

Measured via Zygo ZeGage Plus (10x)

Data source: Digital Metrology Solutions (


Cylinder Bore – Peak Honed

Cylinder Bore – Plateau Honed

Cylinder Bore – Extremely Plateau Honed

Cylinder Bore – Nikasil

Cylinder Bore – Lokasil

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