Cylinder Bore – Plateau Honed

Plateau honed cylinder bore surface texture

A plateau honed surfaces is the result of a rough honing process, which creates valleys, finished with a plateauing process, which removes the peaks. This is the most common process in cylinder bores for a wide variety of fuels. It achieves a surface that is more “broken in” from the start. The peaks provide a smooth upper surface while the valleys provide oil retention and debris collection. The process involves three basic controls:

  • the generation of a rough (base) texture
  • the generation of a fine (peak) texture, and
  • the placement (or depth) of the fine texture within the base texture.

Similar to peak honing, geometry and size may be established by an initial honing process, followed by the two plateauing stages.

Measured via Zygo ZeGage Plus (10x)

Data source: Digital Metrology Solutions (


Cylinder Bore – Peak Honed

Cylinder Bore – Extremely Plateau Honed

Cylinder Bore – Plasma

Cylinder Bore – Nikasil

Cylinder Bore – Lokasil

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