Fish Scales — American Shad (Alosa Sapidissima)

Fish Scales - American Shad (Alosa Sapidissima) - Courtesy Dr. Dylan Wainwright

This series of fish scales shows the many variations in morphology between fish species.

The American Shad is native to North America and migrates from salt to freshwater to breed in the spring. This species has large crenate scales, where the scale extends into weak protrusions (not quite spines) along its posterior edge.

For this dataset, a 4th order polynomial reference geometry and a 2.5 mm long wavelength filter attenuate the larger shape so that the finer roughness at the scale edges can be seen.

Measured via GelSight Mobile surface measurement probe

Data Source: Dr. Dylan Wainwright, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University

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Read more about Dr. Wainwrights’ research here.

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