HexClad Pan

Can a surface be engineered for cooking?

This HexClad Hybrid pan has a uniquely textured, multi-material surface. Its distinctive, hexagon pattern is evident in this dataset.

This is another example of a surface that’s intended to be slippery (non-stick), yet it has a significant roughness with a pattern of peaks that are around 40 µm  high.

How does this surface compare to other popular cooking surfaces? See for yourself by comparing this surface to a Ninja non-stick pan or a Lodge cast iron pan – which are also available in this library.


Measured via Zygo ZeGage Plus (10x, de-sampled 2x)

Data source:  Digital Metrology Solutions


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How to cite

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Digital Metrology Solutions. “Surface Library.” Digitalmetrology, digitalmetrology.com/dataset/hexclad-pan. Accessed Feb 29, 2024.