Marbles – Macro

surface texture measurement, marbles measured with creaform metrablack 3d scanner, brian vogel, analogy for micro surface texture measurement

A bowl of marbles is a good “macro” analogy for micro texture.

The dataset was created with a 3D scanner. In the 3D measurement data, we can see enough of most of the marbles to estimate their radii (try it with a circular mask in OmniSurf3D). If you cut a 2D slice through the data, however, the radii that you’ll measure will likely be smaller for each marble, because you likely will not trace over the largest part of any marble. This is an issue with 2D stylus measurements that can affect surface texture parameters such as peak curvature. Read more about it in this blog post.


Measured via Creaform Metrascan Black

Data source:  Brian Vogel

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