Plateau Honing with Porosity

Plateau Honed Cast Iron Cylinder Bore - Digital Metrology Solutions

This is a measurement from the cylinder bore of a diesel engine. The surface is plateau honed cast iron and there are pores and graphite “pull-outs” present in the surface.  Removing the cylindrical shape (Analysis Settings > Geometry/Form > Cylinder) reveals the cross-hatch honing pattern as well as the porosity.  Areal/3D data is important for distinguishing the deep valleys from honing from the porosity due to the parent material.

Using OmniSurf3D‘s color palette and lighting settings (View > Lighting & Palette Settings) helps to highlight the cross-hatching. In particular, the new “OmniSurf3D Comp” palette compresses the color variation for better contrast.

This is also a very good data set for exploring the Crosshatch Analysis in OmniSurf3D

Plateau Honing Crosshatch Analysis - Digital Metrology

For more (a lot more!) on plateau honed surfaces check out our Specification and Measurement of Plateau Honed Surfaces tutorial. 

Measured with a Zygo ZeGage Plus (10x)

Data source:  Digital Metrology Solutions (

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