OmniSurf3D for Education

Surface texture analysis for the classroom and the lab

Understanding surface texture isn’t always easy. Some software gives you just one or two numbers as results. With others, you have to navigate through screens of settings to get to the answers.

OmniSurf3D is different. It makes it easy to see, explore and interact with surfaces, to help you understand your surface texture. OmniSurf3D lets you analyze data from virtually any surface measurement system, at the instrument or at your desk. And with simple installation and dozens of videos and tutorials, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Best of all: it’s affordable, for students, researchers, schools, and universities.

“OmniSurf3D is a super-slick program.

I found it easy to play with parameters and understand their functions.”
Middle Tennessee State University

Surface texture you can see and understand

With OmniSurf3D you don’t need to be an expert to understand surface texture. It guides you through the steps of processing, so you can focus on your project, not the software!

Some software gives you numbers. OmniSurf3D shows you the texture, like you’re holding the surface in your hand.

OmniSurf3D is simple, very easy to use, and gives incredibly detailed results.”

Professor, School of Engineering at St. Clair College

Explore surfaces—in the lab or at your desk

With OmniSurf3D you can analyze data from virtually any 2D and 3D surface measurement system. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for surface roughness data!

And, unlike most software that comes with measurement instruments, OmniSurf3D lets you study your data at your desk, or wherever you need to see and share results. Explore at your own pace, while freeing up the instrument for more measurements.

The resources you need to get up to speed

Our website offers dozens of videos, tutorials, blog posts, and other support files to make it easy to learn OmniSurf3D, and surface texture in general. And check out our unique Surface Library, with dozens of free-to-use 3D surface datasets!

OmniSurf3D Learning Resources

I really am enjoying working with your software.

It is so easy to use and much more user friendly than the software that came with our measurement system.”
University of Minnesota’s Department of Anthropology

Make the most of your measurement investment

OmniSurf3D helps your department or lab get the most for its measurement equipment investment. It handles data from most surface measurement systems, so you’ll have a common learning platform to use across the lab. “Off-line analysis” lets students analyze data at their desks, so your measurement systems stay available for data collection. Highly visual data makes for compelling presentations and proposals that support your team’s publishing goals. Best of all, your whole team can work with OmniSurf3D, even on a tight budget.

Surface Texture Software - Dr. Jessica Arbour uses OmniSurf3D surface texture software for her studies in evolution and morphology

Share your discoveries

OmniSurf3D makes surface text easy to see and share, for excellent reports, presentations, and papers. you can even generate files to 3D print surfaces!

Now you can show how the details of your surfaces impact function—even for an audience that is new to surface texture.

OmniSurf3D handles data from various sources and it’s incredibly easy to navigate.

Director of Innovation, Ping

The right price for students, researchers, and educators

OmniSurf3D is powerful software, and it’s incredibly affordable. But “affordable” doesn’t mean light on features, It includes unique analysis capabilities that you won’t find in even the most expensive. And, while you need to pay extra for unique features with some software, with OmniSurf3D everything is included, standard. And, we’re adding more features all the time, which you’ll enjoy in free, periodic upgrades

Easy to learn, easy to afford, and incredibly powerful. Find out how OmniSurf3D can help you meet your learning, research, and publishing goals!