“To say I’m impressed with the 3D software would be an understatement.” Explore and understand your surface data OmniSurf3D is powerful software for exploring and interacting with areal 3D surface texture data. Fast, visual, and easy to learn, OmniSurf3D lets you see your surfaces like never before. OmniSurf3D makes it easy for non-experts to learn … Read more


OmniSurf: Understand Your Difficult Surfaces An affordable package designed for the most demanding surface profile analysis needs. OmniSurf is for people who want to understand their difficult surfaces. OmniSurf acts as a surface profile analysis “toolbox” encompassing many of the latest developments in surface analysis. With OmniSurf you can: Analyze data files collected from a … Read more


OmniRound brings geometry analysis to your desktop. OmniRound acts as a surface profile analysis “toolbox” encompassing many of the latest developments in surface analysis: Analyze data files collected from a variety of instruments from most major manufacturers Perform “hands off” batch processing of multiple profiles Apply the latest metrology tools (many are not yet available … Read more


Surface roughness gage software — take your gage to the next level Most portable roughness gages show you a number, maybe an image of a trace, on a tiny screen. But what if you are ready to do more with your gage? How can you unlock the wealth of information in your data, without spending … Read more

Bandify-Bandify 3D

What makes your eyes recognize a “luxury car finish”? What makes a brushed nickel finish look correctly “brushed”? These questions, and many other questions like them, often boil down to the most important question: How do you control your processes to make surface finishes that satisfy the eye and perform admirably through years of use? … Read more


HatchView provides a simple, affordable and yet highly accurate means of measuring crosshatch angle and exploring the consistency and cleanliness of your honing process. No need for expensive equipment. No need for tedious fax film work or large, unwieldy camera systems. Simply connect a camera and begin seeing your surfaces like never before. Crosshatch angle measurement The crosshatched pattern … Read more