Digital Metrology specializes in custom solutions to challenging shop floor measurement problems. Over the years we have teamed up with many manufacturers, instrument makers, and software developers to solve tough problems. Sometimes the solutions are purely software, and sometimes they involve a combination of software and hardware.

Customers rely on our expertise in metrology and mathematics to get custom results for particular applications. We do far more than just output numbers: we produce measurement results that are built upon the latest metrology methodologies. We're deeply committed to our involvement with National and International standards organizations, so we can ensure that our custom software generates values that are traceable to worldwide standards.

Our production software is designed with extremely user-friendly features that save time and remove drudgery. While a lot of production software locks you into an "all-or-nothing" measurement routine, ours combines helpful features such as guided sequences, with the flexibility to go "off-script" to remeasure or verify locations on-the-fly.

The result: reliable data, reduced cycle times, and automation that helps staff to do their job, without getting in the way.

Below are a few of our success stories.


Hexagon CMMs include Digital Metrology OmniSurf3D software to analyze surface texture data from the optical roughness sensor

Hexagon Surface Texture

When Hexagon needed to analyze surface texture data from their optical roughness sensor, they turned to Digital Metrology and OmniSurf3D.

Surtronic Roundness - Digital Metrology and Taylor Hobson

Surtronic Roundness

Digital Metrology provides the app -style software for Taylor Hobson’s Surtronic R-150 roundness system, which makes roundness measurement as intuitive as a smart phone app.

Guided-Sequence Shaft Measurement

A crankshaft manufacturer needed to improve measurement of roundness, sector roundness, and harmonic frequencies. Working with Michigan Engineering Associates we combined the existing measurement probes with improved hardware to accurately measure harmonic frequencies. Our software guides the operator through measurements and presents the results in an easy-to-read tabular and visual format.

Measure Roundness - Digital Metrology Shop Floor Roundness Measurement

Shop Floor Roundness

Digital Metrology teamed up with an engine manufacturer and a major US university to develop a “shop floor” system for measuring roundness and harmonics. The system controls the measurement of roundness and harmonics of crankshaft features to tolerances on the order of 100 millionths of an inch (2.5 micrometers).

Measure burrs - Digital Metrology - Engine block Piston Bore Burr Measurement

Laser-Based Burr Measurement 

To detect and quantify burrs from a chamfering operation, Digital Metrology developed software to interface with the sensor and to provide the operator with an easy-to-navigate interface. The solution resulted in a tremendous improvement in measurement speed, as well as accurate burr height and width data,

Measure Crosshatch - Digital Metrology Engine Block Robotic Surface Texture Measurement

Robotic Surface Texture and Crosshatch Measurement

An engine manufacturer was looking to improve a labor-intensive cylinder bore measurement . We teamed up with Tempest Tool to develop a robotically-controlled system that reduced measurement cycle time from 2 hours to under 30 minutes while improving measurement location repeatability.

Digital Metrology Accurate Gauging & Instruments shop floor measurement of roundness and harmonic detailsof crankshafts.

Multi-probe Roundness and Harmonics Measurement

Digital Metrology teamed up with Accurate Gauging & Instruments in Pune, India to develop a system to perform “three-probe” measurements on 900mm long crankshafts.