TraceBoss videos

TraceBoss roughness gage software is easy to install and use. We've just posted new videos to show you how to install TraceBoss and to connect with a range of surface roughness testers. A third video shows you how to take your data to the next level with the handy features throughout TraceBoss. All the TraceBoss videos are available on our Videos page.  Visit the TraceBoss page to learn about the software, download a trial version, or purchase a copy! Read More

TraceBoss now supports Mitutoyo Roughness Testers!

TraceBoss now supports Mitutoyo's SJ Series roughness testers! Now you can see and explore your surface data with the SJ-210, SJ-410 (Sj-411, SJ-412), SJ-400, and other models. Visit the TraceBoss page for the full line of supported instruments, and see why TraceBoss has quickly become essential software for so many shops!

If you have a Mitutoyo, you need TraceBoss!

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Finding performance—an interview with racing’s Billy Godbold

We recently had the privilege to sit down with Billy Godbold to hear what he had to say about surface texture. Billy's one of the most successful people in when he says surface roughness makes a difference (and a 200% difference at that) you know you need to hear what he has to say!
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Video: Copying Measurement Settings with a Click in OmniSurf3D

OmniSurf3D software makes it easy to open and compare several surface texture datasets—a feature you don’t always get in other software. But even better, you can copy settings from one dataset to another with a click…so you’ll always know that you’re comparing apples and apples. We show you how to do it in this video.

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A Tale of Two Surfaces – Challenges with the Rk Parameters

If you work with plateaued surfaces, you're most likely familiar with the Rk surface texture parameters, based on the material ratio curve. But there are aspects of plateaued surfaces that the Rk parameters can't always detect. This is where the Rq parameters come in. In this Surface Notes blog post we look at this important limitation of Rk parameters, and how the Rq family can help.

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Notepad Series Video: Measurement Settings

The measurement settings for roughness gages can be intimidating. There are a lot of options, and it's not always clear what they do, or which are most important. In this video we make it easy for you as we point out the two most important settings: the wavelengths which define “roughness” (filtering and cutoffs), and the length of data we would like to evaluate (evaluation length).

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TraceBoss now supports LITEsurf

TraceBoss now supports the LITEsurf roughness tester from SM Metrology Systems! Now you can see and explore your surface data from an even wider range of handheld roughness gages. Visit the TraceBoss page for the full line of supported instruments, and see why TraceBoss has quickly become essential software for so many shops!

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Analyzing additive surfaces with directional filters

In laser powder bed fusion (LPBF), an additive manufacturing technique, manufacturers sometimes need to know the size and number of partially melted powder particles on the finished surface—but isolating them from the “striped” pattern created by the additive layering process is a challenge. In this blog post we show how directional filtering, a standard feature in OmniSur3D, makes it easy to isolate the particles from the larger layered pattern.


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Engine Performance Expo

We had some amazing sessions last week at the Engine Performance Expo. When you get this many high performance enthusiasts in the same room, it's bound to be a blast! We'll share some excerpts with you over the next days and weeks.

In this session from Day 2 Digital Metrology's Mark Malburg got to talk with Lake Speed, Jr. about cylinder bores, "the most engineered surfaces on the planet." If you can see the shapes of the texture as well as calculate the numbers, you can understand and improve critical surfaces like these.  New tools like Total Seal's Surface System with Digital Metrology's TraceBoss and HatchView software help connect the numbers back to the craftsmanship—and that combination leads to excellent engines.

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Stone Polishing and Surface Texture

What surface texture makes a stone look good and feel good to the touch as well? We recently collaborated with stone enthusiast and retired metrologist Bob Rother to understand exactly what gives a stone a pleasing shape and texture. See how we did it in this Surface Notes blog post.

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